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Level Up

Level is an important stats in the game, you will need to reach different levels in order to unlock different functions. Therefore, we need to master ways to level-up rapidly. Sorted in priority order.

1. Main Quests, Daily Quests, and Guild Quests.

2. Agora. Tons of EXP is available by participating in this event. Wear Fashion to get extra EXP bonus.(Fashion is available from First Recharge.)

3. Wild AFK. It is recommended to use Bonus EXP Pills while you are doing Wild AFK or activate Honor Card to enjoy bonus EXP.

4. Daily Bounty. Do log in daily to complete all the bounty tasks in Event Hall.

5. Escort, especially the 2X Escort Event.

6. Crab Chase.

7. World Boss.

8. Guild Robbery.

9. Worship. Go to town to either throw Egg or Kiss to the statues.

10. Abyss. Unlocks at EVO 1.