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Combat Power (CP) is what we are going after in the game. We always looking for CP increment everyday to get the feeling of becoming stronger. However, we usually don’t know how to increase our CP rapidly. Hence, we need to understand the tricks to boost our CP quickly.

1. First Recharge – Recharge any amount of gold and you will get Ancient Weapon to greatly increase your CP. The earlier you get it, the greater the benefits.

2. Equipment - New Equipment (approaches: BOOSS, Craft, Identify) or Enhance Equipment (materials: Enhance Stone).

3. Level Up.

4. Skill Upgrade.

5. Mount Upgrade. (material: Mount Stone, can get from Launch Sale, Mount Investment, Mount Bounty, Dicey Voyage, Shop, Treasure Map.)

6. Pet Upgrade. (materials: Pet Food and Pet Shards, can get from Pet Hatch Egg.)

7. Gem Upgrade. (approaches: Gem Investment, Shop, Wild AFK)

8. Spirit Upgrade. (material: shards, can get from Wild AFK)

9. Wing Upgrade. (unlocks at EVO 2 Lv 90)