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Change Class

When you reach EVO 2 Lv 90, you will be able to change your class. All new skills, all new experience. 


Rage Knight: if you are pursuing full damage, this would be your first choice. 

Heay Knight: the perfect combination of attack and defence. Less damage, but more control.



Flame Mage: the fury of fire can swallow all enemies in an instant. If you are looking for high burst damage, this is the one.

Frost Mage: freez and destroy. This class is not only strong in mage, but also excels in control. Eliminate your foes with a deadly snowstorm.



Ranger: swift and deadly. Shoot em' up with your high Crit rate. 

Engineer: low attack speed. But how about giving your ememies some atomic bombs.


Tips: 1. Do try out each class before you choose one. 

        2. If you want to change back after you've made your choice, use Class Change Pill, which is available in Shop.