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Version Update

Feb 09 2018
Version Update

All GoA server, except Alpha, will be on a 60-minute maintenance for version update, starting Feb.9, 2:00 A.M. EST/7:00 A.M. GMT.

We will be back as soon as possible. Stand by.

Other servers will also receive the update in the following day.


New Features;

1. Boost. Unlocks at EVO 4. A new system for players to Enchant EVO 4 equipment for more bonus stats. 

2. Golden BOSS. Kill Doomsday BOSS to have chance of summoning Golden BOSS.

3. Oblation. A new item which is used to increase your Totem stats.

4. Artifact Emblems. 4 kinds of emblems in total which are used to increase your Artifact stats. Access: ingame events.

5. Lost Tower. A new gameplay. Players need to complete every floor to reach the top.


1. Adjusted Vip system. More privileges available.

2. Fixed bugs.


Version Update Version Update Apr 13 2018
S59-Doomhammer S59-Doomhammer Apr 06 2018
All Server Update All Server Update Mar 30 2018