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All Server Maintenance

Mar 02 2018
All Server Maintenance

All GoA server, except Alpha, will be on a 60-minute maintenance for version update, starting Mar.2, 2:00 A.M. EST./7:00 A.M. GMT. We will be back as soon as possible. Stand by.


New Features

1. Trail. Unlocks at EVO 3. A new system for players to enjoy special trail effects. 

2. Trail Bounty. A dungeon for you to collect necessary materials for your trail.

3. Goblin Stewards. Hire Goblins to enjoy Bonus EXP and Boss Drop Rate.

4. Frontier War. Available twice a week, it's a cross server war for all players to win possible fashion/title rewards.

5. Cross Server Horn, used for cross server chats.

New Events

1. Merge Online Event. In the first 7 days after a server mege, log in to receive rewards.

2. Wishing Well. During the event, spend gold to exchange for copper, EXP and/or bound gold. The daily first attempt is free.

3. Discount Shop. Various discount goods will be available in the shop every 1 hour.

4. Crazy Smash. Smash eggs for possible rewards.

(the above events will come occasionally.)


1. Adjusted the ranking rules for World Boss and Invasion. The rankings are now based on team/individual damange.

Bug Fixes


Version Update Version Update Jul 12 2018