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All Server Update

Mar 30 2018
All Server Update

All GoA servers, except Alpha, will be on a 60-minute maintenance for version update, starting Mar.30, 2:00 A.M. EST/ 7:00 A.M. GMT

We will be back as soon as possible. Stand by.


1. Pet Training Pill. A new item to increase your pet stats.

2. Angels. A new system for players to summon Angels by consuming EXP. It unlocks at EVO 6 Lv.170.

3. Godcraft and God Equipment. Ancient equipment can be crafted into God equipment by using Godcraft Shard. Find it in Boost.

4. Guild Packs. Players now can purchased guild packs in Launch Sales. All his/her guild members will receive a bonus reward upon purchasing.


1.Fixed the bug in Rune Research.

2.Fixed the display bugs in set skills.

3.Fixed the timer bug in Lost Tower.

4.Fixed the entrance bug in Divine Frontier.

5.Fixed the display bug in Equipment Ehancement.


Version Update Version Update Jul 12 2018
Server Merge Server Merge May 22 2018