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Version Update

Jan 12 2018
Version Update

All GoA servers, except Alpha, will be on a 60-minute maintenance for version update, starting Jan.12, 2:00 A.M. EST/7:00 A.M. GMT.

We will be back as soon as possible. Stand by.

Patch Notes:

New Features

1. Organize function in Guardian's Chest Vault.

2. Party EXP Bonus. Team up with your friends to enjoy EXP bonus when farming monsters.

3. Added a new fashion set. Location: Treasure.

4. God's Fall, where you can collect Artifact materials. Location: Daily Dungeon.

5. Dragon Egg, a new event for you to receive massive EXP and Bound Copper. Location: Event Hall .

6. Pet Growth, a new system for you to increase your Pet CP. Location: Pet.

7. Totem. Collect required pets to activate Totem for massive CP bonus.

8. BOSS Goblin. Kill BOSSes in Doomsday Dusk and Jade Maze to have chance of refreshing Pirate Goblins. Kill them to receive bountiful rewards.

9. Legendary Stats. Receive random legendary stats when identify equipment.

10. Wing Investment.

11. Ehance Protector, an item used to protect your Enhace level from dropping when fail. Item available from events.


1. Adjusted Whispering Land rewards. More copper available.

2. Optimized fashion and title bonus. Bonuses will permanently take effect after activation. You can now choose either to wear them or not.

3. Optimized Chat Filter.

4. Adjusted EV0 4 and EVO 5 Pack.

5. Fixed bugs.


Version Update Version Update Jul 12 2018